What Is Blogger?


Blogger is the site where a publisher is able to build a free website.

It was initially made available by Google Inc. It's Google Hosting Then there's no Sever and its Free problem. Thatswhy people are going to prefer Google. It provides the Beginner Blogger with a Sub Domain (xyz.blogspot.com). Go with Google Blogger if you're attempting to become a blogger.

Is Blogger is Available for Mobile? 

It's available for mobile but with no characteristics such as the Desktop Website. On our website, however, is available. The app provided with the yolk emerges as an egg in the Google Play Store.

Why Choose Blogger?

Blogger is Provided By Google. It Provides a Powerful Google Server Hosting. It Is Google Hosting Then There is no Problem Of the Sever and Its Free. Thatswhy People Prefer Google. It Provides a Sub Domain (xyz.blogspot.com) for Beginner Blogger. If you are trying to become a blogger then go with Google Blogger.

Blogger Mobile App

The Blogger app provides no features in the Play store. We've made our Mobile Users Own App. This coded like Blogger's blog. It had all Blogger's characteristics. But in the Google Play shop app, it is not accessible, otherwise, Google will remove it. 

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