Why Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the most liked OS on the Basis OF Security and Features.

How to Install Windows 10 For Pc?

It is very easy to install windows 10. Just follow some given steps below:-

Step 1: Download Windows 10.iso File Frome The Given Link Below:-

Step 2: Download And Install Disk32 Imager From The Given Link Below:-

Step 3: Take a Pendrive or a removable device of 8.0 GB Storage.

Step 4: Use Disk32 Manager and install Windows.iso File on Bootable Device. Your Bootable Windows 10 Device Is Ready.

Warning: If you're Doing it For the First Time Take A Backup Of Hard Disk.

Step 5: Restart your PC and open the BIOS by pressing F12 Key.

Step 6: Insert The Bootable Device and Boot Your Device Using Your Bootable Device. Click Next Option.

Step 7: Choose the Version of Windows You Want To install.

Step 8: Choose the primary partition you want to install Windows 10.(To save your Data Don't Format Your Disk)

Step 9: Installation Will Start.(Takes Up to 10 Minutes.)

Step 10: Add Your Personal Details. Then The Setup Will Be Completed.

Windows 10 is now installed. Your File Are Saved But You Need To install Applications You Want To Use.
Experience The All New Windows 10.

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