Want to know about me bravo! you arrived at the correct place.

Hi there !

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by :) 

I am a bright student of India who has an normal day life and I want to become astronomer and I have a good knowledge about technology too . 

Why I started blogging ?

So, As i told you that I have a good knowledge about technology. So one day I was sitting and a thought came up in my mind that I can help people by sharing my knowledge with them and hence I came up with this blog on 19 June 2019.

My resolution for blog.

I will give the latest review for the products such as smartphones, Home appliance, Laptops, desktops and many more things.

Why i used .blogspot?

I couldn't afford buying web hosting and domain, So i used it for free and after i get some good response from you all i will definitely buy domain and web hosting and give my best.

 🌝🌝 ""Thanks for visiting hope to see you soon."" 🌝 🌝