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SSD Vs HDD Which Is Best For You in 2020

If you are thinking to buy a laptop or build a PC there would be one confusion in your mind regarding storage and it would be SSD Vs HDD which is better for me? Another question that would arise in your mind would be that what is the difference between these two? If you are interested to get your answers to keep on reading to find them!

What is a SSD?

What is a SSD?

To understand what is SSD, First thing you need to know is what is the full form of SSD. The full form of SSD is solid state drive. As the name suggests you can relate it with the pendrive but with a circuit connected to many pendrive’s in a row. Sometimes it is also called a solid state device or a solid state disk.

How does it work?

Now after telling you the full form of SSD (solid state drive) you can easily understand how a SSD works. So a SSD works like this, the data you want to store is stored in the form of flash memory. Flash memory is a non volatile computer memory storage medium, which is reprogrammed and erased electrically.In simple words a SSD is bigger form of pendrive and there are not only one pendrive but a whole circuit made of many pendrive’s.

Pros and cons

Fast Boot upCostly than HDD
Resistant to shocksless storage capacity
less power consumption
long life span


  • Fast Boot up :- It means that your device will open application and softwares faster than usual.
  • Resistant to shocks :- It means that if the SSD will by mistake fall from your hand then also your data will be safe.
  • Less power consumption :- It means that your laptop will survive more without power supply and PC will consume less power.
  • Long life span :- It is because there is no moving part present in it so it will last longer.
  • Quite work :- As it does not consists of moving parts it is quite and does not make any sound.


  • Costly than HDD :- It is costly than a HDD you can buy a 1 TB HDD in price of 256 GB SSD.
  • Less storage space :- As the technology is new and costly very high capacity storage options are not available.
  • Less availability :- It is hard to find a particular size and brand SSD in market.

What is a HDD?

What is a SSD?

Okay so now we have understood what does a SSD mean and how does it work. So, now it’s time HDD. The full form of HDD is hard disk drive there are more names such as hard disk, hard drive or fixed drive. It is one of the oldest device used for storage.

How does it work?

As the name HDD (hard disk drive) suggests it works on the principal of disk. In this a high speed rotating disk is fixed at the center and a mechanical platter writes and reads the data through the process of electromagnetism. That’s why it is also called electro-mechanical data storage device.

Pros and cons

Cheapless life span
Availabe in high storage capacityCan get corrupt due to wrong usage pattern
Easily availableLess speed
High power consumption


  • Cheap :- it is available at low cost compared to SSD
  • Available in high storage capacity :- You can easily buy a HDD with 5 TB storage.
  • Easily available :- You can buy it anywhere in the market it is available.


  • Less life span :- As it consists of moving parts it could easily be damaged.
  • Usage pattern :- It is very delicate if you drop it by mistake it can get corrupt and you would loss all your data stored in it.
  • Less speed :- As it consists of mechanical parts the speed is limited, so the application and software opening time increases.
  • High power consumption :- As there are mechanical parts present in it it uses a lot of power to rotate the disk. Which makes your laptop last less in one charge.
  • Makes noise :- As it consists of moving parts it creates disturbing sounds.


Now the main question comes up SSD Vs HDD, should you buy a SSD or a HDD in 2020. According to there is no such SSD vs HDD debate only it just depends on your budget. But if you have a low budget or want max performance at low price then it becomes a real question SSD Vs HDD.

On unlimited budget!

If you have no budget and can purchase anything than don’t think or search about SSD Vs HDD. You should definitely go for SSD and if you think SSD gives you less storage space then you can install 2 – 3 SSD on your PC. No doubt you will get ultimate performance with SSDs. By this SSD vs HDD debate for unlimited budget is over.

On moderate budget

On moderate budget I would recommend you to go for a SSD that would be used to keep all software and applications which would make them Boot up fast and keep all data such as photo’s, video’s etc on HDD. I mean that you should buy a SSD of small size and a HDD. By this SSD Vs HDD debate for moderate budget is over.

On low budget

On low budget I would suggest you to research more about SSD Vs HDD for you. But after reading this if you are satisfied with your decision of SSD Vs HDD you can go for it. So I would suggest you to use HDD only because if you buy a SSD you need to compromise on other components which is not good. Hence you should spend money on good components and then after seeing the money left with you decide what to buy. By this the SSD Vs HDD debate is over for low budget.


By now you should have taken out the answer of the debate SSD Vs HDD and the answer should be that I should see my budget and then think which is best value for money for you!

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